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Furuta Doll Figurines (Pics)

1 Blue Oscar Bust
1 Marie Antoinette Full Body Figurine
3 Fersen Full Body Figurines
Each figurine is no more than 5 inches tall.  Each comes with their very own trading card.  With the exception of the Blue Oscar Bust, the others come with their very own circular mounting platform. 

Made of plastic and wonderfully painted.  Each one is still in its original clear plastic wrap.  Box included.
$5.00 each

Affair of the Necklace Paperback Novel (Pics)

Affair of the Necklace Paperback novel based on the movie.  I’ve had this one for quite awhile.  Only read it once and on the bookshelf it went.  It’s still in good condition.  In my opinion, it doesn’t smell funky.  It has a little bit of yellowing but not as much.  And the colored picture pages within it are still pristine.
Retail price was $6.99. 
Selling it for $3.50.

Anyone interested can contact me here.
I accept payment by Money Order or PayPal.
S/H:  I usually go Priority Mail but if you want a cheaper option, we can do that, also. 
The book will be shipped via Media Mail unless you prefer a faster method.
Shipping Price will be determined on weight and destination (esp. for International Shipping).

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Date:le 30 octobre 2011 18:59 (UTC)
How much for Oscar to Canada?
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Date:le 01 novembre 2011 06:20 (UTC)
According to the USPS website, the Shipping and Handling should not be more than $13.00 US with First Class International. It should be less. However, I will personally go to the Post Office today to make sure of this. But this is to give you an idea.

I love the Oscar bust, too!

I'll get back to you! Thanks for contacting me!
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Date:le 02 novembre 2011 19:54 (UTC)

Good News!

I went to the post office today to have the package weighed.
It came out cheaper than I thought, which is a very good thing for you.

S/H will be $5.00 (US) by First Class International Parcial.
They told me that it would take from 1 to 2 weeks to get there.

Your total, if you are still interested, will be $10.00 (US).

BTW...what's your favorite color?

Please let me know. And if it's neceassry, I'll send you my personal details by e-mail.

Thank you for your patience. ^___^
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