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Hello! Sorry to post an entry for something like this, but I was hoping somebody here could help me find out more about the image on this cover:

Does anyone know where it comes from? I'd love to see the original/raw picture, or at least the same cover but in a bigger size.
(I saved the image above years ago, and unfortunately didn't type down the source so I can't give credit).

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Date:le 05 janvier 2012 02:29 (UTC)
looks like animage magazine :)

ok, that wasn't your question. definitely looks like promo art for the tv show. i know i've seen it in a few places, but i don't immediately recall. i can poke around for you, though perhaps some of the other members know...
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Date:le 07 février 2012 18:23 (UTC)
Hi, and sorry about the ridiculous late reply but somehow I never got the notification of your comment in my inbox!
Thank you so much for replying. :) If it's a pretty common image, I guess I'll just have to take a better look around then. If you can think off the top of your head of some website I could check out, though, that would be really helpful.
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