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To those who don't yet know...

The Rose of Versailles anime is finally getting an R1 release!!

Nozomi/Right Stuf announced today that they will be releasing limited edition DVD sets in 2013 and will be conducting fan Q&A with Riyoko Ikeda.  It will also be streaming legally on Viki.

If you haven't gotten a Nozomi/RS limited edition release before, I can tell you right now that they're gorgeous.  One of the best R1 distribution companies.

To all my fellow Americans (and also Canadians), holy sweet Mary Joseph @#$%^^$#%^#$%@# WE'RE FINALLY GETTING IT!!!

OMFGOMFG, I'm so excited!
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First post and fanfic

Hello, I've just joined the community. I was really glad to see an active Rose of Versailles community on Lj, it just shows what an unforgettable show it is. I don't normally write RoV fanfiction, but I though I'd post a story; hope it's enjoyed.

Title: Growing up
Author: Ghostfriendly
Fandom: Versailles no Bara
Rating: R
Word Count: 1939
Characters/Pairings: Marie Antoinette, Oscar (Louis, Fersen and Andre mentioned)
Genre(s): Romance, shojo-ai, character study
Summary: "Live as long as you may, the first twenty years are the longest half of your life." On her 21st birthday, the Queen must consider her life, and feelings about her devoted Oscar
Warnings: Sexual references, gambling, drunkenness
Disclaimer: I do not own Rose of Versailles, or any members of French Royalty
Notes:The three days of gambling preceding Marie’s 21st birthday, and the non-consummation of her marriage until a year later are historical. Story written for the Secret Coconut, a fic exchange promoted by the community Saint Seiya Superfics Journal

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Fanart by...?

Hello everyone! I'm new here :) Though I have been following this group for years, it's the first time I am posting. I found this fanart on my computer and realized that I didn't know who drew it. The image was saved as "laurassite.jpg" so I assumed I would find out who drew it from Laura's Little Corner. I browsed all the galleries there with no luck. I searched for it in every possible way on Google and still couldn't find a trace. So I thought I would ask you guys. Please, can anyone tell me who drew this gorgeous fanart?

Versailles No Bara

Question about an image

Hello! Sorry to post an entry for something like this, but I was hoping somebody here could help me find out more about the image on this cover:

Does anyone know where it comes from? I'd love to see the original/raw picture, or at least the same cover but in a bigger size.
(I saved the image above years ago, and unfortunately didn't type down the source so I can't give credit).