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Intro and Stuffff....

I am new to this and I has some stuff to put out! Yay.

I went to Versailles and bought Tome 1 for Rose de Versailles c: I can't read French well but I managed to understand most of it! So.. Now I'm here all interested in the series! I searched on youtube "la rose de versailles" just to see what would come up. I found a old 2007 trailer for a possible remake for the movie. I read comments on how it was just a panchiko commercial or something with that. I also read about being in pre-production to this day. I was really confused, so I ended up posting a BBS on Ikeda Riyoko's site in English. I received two replied in English from some fans..
My post:
日本語がよく話せません。Hello Mrs. Ikeda Riyoko. I am sorry that I could not write this in Japanese! I I recently traveled to France and visited Versailles. I brought a French version of "The Rose of Versailles" and I instantly fell in love with it. I found out about an animation movie that was mentioned around 2007. I would like to know if the movie will ever be released. I also wonder if "The Rose of Versailles" will be translated in English. It is a wonderful story! Oscar is an amazing character. I think many people would like this. Again, I am sorry that I could not write this in Japanese. Thank you!

Reply 1:
I like ”The Rose of versailles" too.
I read it first at 12 years old.
When Oscar was dead,I was shocked and sadness.
I want to travel to Paris and Versaille someday.

Reply 2:
Hello, Lyssa. I'm so happy to know there is an enthusiastic lover of "The Rose of Versailles" like you in another country on this earth. I'm a Japanese who has been a fan of this wonderful unique comic for more than 35 years.
I know there are still many fans here in Japan and understood your message, but very few of them can write a reply to you in English. 
I'm sorry to tell you, but the animation movie which had been mentioned around 2007 was cancelled as far as I know. Many Japanese fans are waiting for the chance to come up to the schedule again in near future.
I envy you so much, for you can read French. I have wanted to read the story in foreign languages for a long time, especially in English, which is the easiest for me. I heard that only two volumes of this long story was published in English many years ago and was out of production (not made for sale) now.
I hope to hear from you again. The character I like the best is Oscar, of course. She has been an indicator of my life.
So according to the second reply, the movie has been cancelled so far. I also hope the whole series will be licensed in English one day too. I'd like that.

My next and last deal of business is fanart! I was on here looking for good artwork. I tried to link to Kodemari's site on infoseek but it wasn't working. I searched for it and finally found it. http://moncoeur.quu.cc/home.index.html I absolutely love the artwork!!! That's all I have to say c:

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