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The LJ Berusaiyu no Bara Community

Berusaiyu no Bara/Rose of Versailles on LJ!
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Rose of Versailles community
Welcome to Livejournal's first (and currently ONLY) Berusaiyu no Bara (Rose of Versailles) community, moderated by ifotismeni! If you have any questions, comments, contributions, creations, you name it, please post!

I realize how hard it is to find any information about BeruBara on the web, as this is a rather old series, which was never licensed for release in the United States. So, please don't be shy about posting—even if you think the question is basic or stupid, I'm happy to help out new fans.

Please remember to LJ-cut any spoilers or images. Yes, the series is old but people are still discovering it, so don't ruin their fun! Any major plot twist--especially in the second half of the series--I would consider a spoiler, so please be courteous to newcomers and post such spoilers behind a cut.

Fanfics, fanart, etc are all welcome in this community, just remember to LABEL them (especially if they have mature content!!!!!) and put them behind cuts. If you do not know how to make a livejournal cut, read the FAQ and then post. This applies to things like icons as well--you can post one or two "preview" icons for a set, but if you have more than 2, please put the rest behind a cut.